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Pig Art Program


  1. Completed entry forms and exhibits must be received on or before June 19, 2017.

  2. All entries must include a completed entry form, firmly attached.

  3. Entries may be addressed and sent to Linda Weitzel, OPC at the address on reverse. Entries can also be dropped off at the OPC Office in the Stratford Rotary Complex between 9am-12pm on Monday June 19th. Judging will take place on June 19th at 2pm- judges decisions are final.

  4. All entries must be pork / pig related.

  5. All entries must be the original product of the entrant.

  6. All photographs submitted will be considered the property of OPC and may be used for OPC promotions.

  7. Fine art entries may be framed or mounted at the artist’s discretion. Please provide some means for hanging on the display.

  8. Owners will assume all risk. Should any article be accidentally damaged, marred, lost, stolen or destroyed, the directors of the OPC will not be held responsible and will not provide payment for the value or any portion thereof.

  9. The OPC directors reserve the right to reject or accept applications at any time.

  10. All entries may be sold at an auction unless otherwise specified by the entrant. Any article not sold must be picked up by the entrant on Thursday June 22nd by 5pm.

  11. People’s Choice Awards: Ballots will be available at the Pig Art display during the OPC. Winners will be announced at the event and names will be published.

Pig Art is a proud part of the Ontario Pork Congress.

Pig Art may depict any aspect of the pork industry, in any way your imagination takes you! From pigs to careers in the pork industry to the attractive pork dish on your dinner table. The Ontario Pork Congress brings together all segments of the pork industry; breeders, producers, equipment dealers feed sales, suppliers and customers. It is a two day event that was established in 1972 to share information and the latest technologies within the pork industry.

A few pointers…

  • Pork is important to all the above mentioned people, let your
    art reflect the vital role pigs play in agriculture
  • The pork industry is a diverse one, with many job opportunities.
    You might want to consider showing some of the jobs available.
  • Pigs are beautiful, let’s show them off.
  • Pork is delicious, show that off too!
  • Pigs don’t mind being laughed at, show their wild side.


Adult (over 14)
1st • 2nd • 3rd 

$50 • $25 • $15

Children (13 and under)
1st • 2nd • 3rd 

$25 • $15 • $10

Digital Photography
1st • 2nd • 3rd 

$100 • $50 • $25

People’s Choice
Adult Category: $150
Child Category: $50


Framed or mounted. Oil, acrylic, charcoal, water colour or sketch.

Antique, recycled or new.

Wood, pottery, glass, paper tole or 

Wood, pottery, glass, paper tole or other.

Children’s Classes

  • Ages 9-13
  • Ages 6-8
  • Ages 5 & Under (Colouring Contest)

Digital Photography (2 classes)

  1. Pigs and people from inside the barn
  2. Aspects of our industry outside the barn



June 20th & 21st 2018 in Stratford, Ontario