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To All Bacon Maker Classic Contestants:

The Ontario Pork Congress will be holding the Bacon Maker Classic Competition (formerly known as the Junior Barrow Competition) on June 22, 2017 at the Stratford Rotary Complex. Once again, the Bacon Maker Classic will be held on the second day of the show and will include live hogs, subject to PED activity in Ontario and advice from our veterinarian advisors.

The entry deadline is March 21st, 2017.  Weigh-on will happen from March 18th to March 25th.
Please note that ALL ENTRIES MUST BE E-ENTRIES.  Please submit 4 pictures (tag and weight included) by March 21st, 2017.


What’s New for BMC?

This year we are bringing back the Carcass Evaluation to the show. We are all very excited to bring this educational component back for the High School & College/University aged kids. For the Bacon Strips/Hams class they have to weigh an additional pig on in March. At their discretion they will have to choose one of their pigs for the carcass evaluation portion of the show. The kids will learn how their pigs get graded after they leave the BMC show and what the meat packer looks for. The top pigs will be brought to the show for Conestoga Meat Packers to go over the evaluation – this will help the kids learn and how to improve their overall performance of their pig.

If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Kirkpatrick, Chair, OPC Bacon Maker
Classic Committee, porkcongress@gmail.com or 519-532-3308.

See you at the Pork Congress on June 22, 2017.

Meghan Kirkpatrick, Chairperson (519-532-3308)
Bacon Maker Classic Competition

Rules and Regulations

  1.  Eligibility
    a) Boys and girls ages 9+ as of January 1, 2017.
    b) Eligible to participate in 4-H & adults
    c) Entries must be postmarked by March 21st, 2017
  2. Weigh-on of Market Hogs: Saturday March 18th – Saturday March 25th 2017
    a) Each contestant may weigh on up to two market hogs. With the exception of the Bacon Strips (High School & College/University kids) – they must weigh on 3.  A maximum of one market hog may be shown.
    b) Market hogs must not weigh more than 25 kg. on March 21st, 2017 and allow 1/2 kg/day for pigs weighed on test from March 18th – March 25th, 2017
    c) Suitable scales to be supplied by contestant.
    d) Weigh-ons can be done independently of Meghan via e-entry.
    a.    Take a digital photo with pig on scale
    b.    Must be date and time stamped
    c.    Email entries to Meghan Kirkpatrick at porkcongress@gmail.com
  3. Weigh-off of Market Hogs: June 22, 2017 – 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
    a) Only one pig is able to enter the competition
    b) All market hogs must bear a numbered Allflex Ear Tag as well as a Pigtrace tag supplied by the Congress committee at the date of weigh-off or market hog will be disqualified.
    c) Market hog will be weighed and probed the day of the Show.
    If an entrant is not going to exhibit the day of the show or is unavoidably delayed, please call Meghan Kirkpatrick at 519-788-0610.  We appreciate your co-operation.
  4. Classes
    The Bacon Maker Classic Competition will begin at 11:00AM with the Showmanship classes. All ages as of January 1, 2017
    The Bacon Strips – High school & College/University
    The Bacon Bits – Public School
    Peameal Bacon – Adults – Because they’re old and crusty 🙂
  5. Showmanship Rules
    a) Showmanship must be done with the market hog you bring to the Pork Congress.
    b) Only canes will be allowed in the show ring to guide the pig. No rubber or plastic hoses.
    c) No oiling, powdering or artificial colouring allowed.
    d) Exhibitors who show in the Champion Showman Class must show the same market hog that was used in the individual showmanship classes.
    e) Participants in the adult Showmanship class must  negotiate with another competitor to show a market hog already at the show.
  6. Scoring of Market Hogs for Prize Money
    Scoring to be as follows for overall Pig performance:
    Category                                                   Points
    ADG                                                           30 points
    Fat/Loin                                                      30 Points
    Confirmation                                             40 Points
    Scoring to be as follows for Showmanship:
    Category                                                    Points
    Showmanship                                             85 points
    Judging                                                       15 Points
  7. Prize Money
    a)  Overall Performance (Bits & Strips data will be judged separately) (Prize money paid on accumulated points).
    1st place $200; 2nd $175; 3rd $150; 4th $125; 5th $100; 6th – 10th $75; 11th – 15th $50; 16th – 25th $35; 26th – 40+ $25
    b)  Carcass – only applies to The Bacon Strips
    1st $100; 2nd $75; 3rd $50
    Attached are the rules for the Carcass Evaluation (Evaluation done by Conestoga Meat Packers)
    c)  Showmanship
    For each class Top 10 Placements of each class: $50; $45; $40; $35; $30; 6th – 10th $25
    Overall Champion Swine Showman –  The President’s Cane as well as a special keeper from BMC’s sponsors.
    Overall Reserve Swine Showman – A special keeper provided by BMC’s sponsorsAdult Showman – $100 donation in the winner’s name to Hog Jog 2016 Cause – Optimism Place.
    For best performance AGC/BACK FAT/LOIN DEPTH: Will be awarded an extra $100.00
    d) Lyle Heldmann Award for Grace under Pressure – Judge’s Choice – $100 plus keeper.This award is determined by Sharon Heldmann and The BMC Committee.
    If any market hogs upon slaughter are found to be a ridgling, all prize money and trophies must be forfeited and the exhibitor shall receive payment on the basis of a ridgling carcass.
  1. Other Rules
    a)    Each competitor is responsible for showing and feeding & watering his/her own market hog until loaded on the truck.
    b)    Eligibility of market hogs at the Competition is at the discretion of the Bacon Maker Classic Committee
    c)    All entrants must have a signed letter from their Veterinarian that they are PEDv negative and are showing no clinical signs of illness in their barn or the barn their market hog is from.

Download a copy of the above information HERE

For more information, contact:

Meghan Kirkpatrick, Chair, meghan_kirkpatrick@cargill.com or 519-788-0610.


June 20th & 21st 2018 in Stratford, Ontario